Apr, 1998 Established Dongyang heat industry co.
Jul, 1998 Installed a 30T/H water tube package boiler at Samick apt.
  Chemical cleaning of the 30T/H water tube package boiler at Samsung electronics.
Mar, 1999 Obtained a 1st class license for special construction of heating facilities.
    Joined the Korean Boiler Association.
May, 2000 Repaired the 35T/H water tube package boiler at Murim paper.
Nov, 2000 Exported boilers to Southeast Asia. (Philippines, water tube package of 3T/H)
Jan, 2001 BOILER BANK’s trademark registered at the patent office.
Aug, 2001 The waste heat retrieval facility for Nongshim.
Oct, 2000 Manufactured condensing and pipe boilers (Delivered to the KRISS.)
Aug, 2001 Installed a 15T/H flue smoke tube at Jinyoung paper.
Jan, 2002 Repaired the 30T/H water tube package boiler at Hansol patech.
    Selected as a member of the Korea Trade Association.
    Installed an 8T/H water tube boiler and the 2T/H and 3T/H condensing boiler at Lotte Aluminum.
Sep, 2002 Exported boilers to Qingdao, China. (Smoke tube, 8T/H)
Oct, 2003 Moved to a new factory site in Sihwa industrial complex, Gyeonggi-do.
Jul, 2004 Acquired international standard, ISO 9001.
Nov, 2004 Registered bidder for the Procurement Office.
Dec, 2004 Manufactured and installed 4T/H x 3 smoke tube boilers at Joongang hospital.
Feb, 2005 Manufactured and installed 1T/H x 16k pipes at Lotte Foods.
Dec, 2005 Purchased new land for expansion of the factory.
Mar, 2006 Purchased an auto welding machine (7 units) and roller.
    Manufactured and delivered heat accumulator to Ottugi.
    Certified for high efficiency energy material.
Jun, 2006 Expanded the factory site and registered a new factory. (Sihwa industrial complex, 3 Ma Rm. 209)
    Changed business name to Dongyang Boiler Bank.
    Acquired international environment standard, ISO 14001.
    Certified venture company by the small and medium business administration.
    Manufactured and installed a waste heat retrieval system at Ssangyong motors.
Mar, 2007 Manufactured and installed a 35T/H x 16k water tube boiler at CJ.
    Manufactured and installed 15T/H x2 smoke tube boilers at Siltron/Sub one.
Sep, 2007 Established a company-affiliated research center.